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Chrono Trigger

Chrono Trigger Classic Kong is an interesting role-playing game.  The story of the game tells a group of adventurers traveling through time to prevent global disasters. Players will control the main character and his companions in the fictional two-dimensional world of the game. The main context of the game often includes many forests, cities, and different dungeons. Unlike traditional Japanese role-playing games, instead of appearing in random encounters, many enemies can be seen publicly on the field map or waiting to ambush your team. Players can contact enemies on the battlefield map to start a battle that occurs directly on the map rather than on a separate battle screen.  Players and enemies can use physical or magic attacks to hurt their targets in battle, and players can use items to heal or protect themselves. Each character and enemy has certain blood energy, successful attacks reduce the character’s blood, but the blood can be recovered with potions and magic. In battles, players can equip their characters with weapons, armor, helmets, and other special items such as increased attack power or defense against magic.  Items can be used both inside and outside the battle. Items and equipment can be purchased in shops or found on a map at the battle scene, usually in treasure chests. By exploring new areas and battling enemies, players will gradually level up.

  • Console: SNES
  • Origem: US
  • Editora: Nintendo
  • Lançamento: 1995
  • Tamanho: 2.53MB

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