Baixar Contra III – The Alien Wars ROM

Contra III – The Alien Wars

Contra games used to be the golden age that dominated the genre of scrolling shooting games and can not mention the best game series – Contra III – The Alien Wars. The context is about the evil alien forces of the Red Falcon that invaded Earth. This version has new modes such as motorcycle chasing or rocket riding, mode 7.  Play the role of Bill (single player mode) or Lance (two-player mode),  the rings are gunfights with aliens as well as dodging crazy traps along the way. Special weapons can be carried and transferred at any time, or the player locks the character’s mobility. This allows them to shoot in all eight possible directions (including downward and at angles) without moving or jumping.  Like previous versions, there are three levels: Easy, Normal and Difficult. Especially if the player completes the game in Easy or Normal mode, they will start at the first stage in the next difficulty level with the current weapon configuration, lives and score intact. Next to the difficult mode, the final boss will have an additional form that must be defeated when they escape the lair of aliens.

  • Console: SNES
  • Origem: US
  • Editora: Konami
  • Lançamento: 1992
  • Tamanho: 734.18KB

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