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Mario Is Missing!

Mario is missing is an educational video game developed and published by The Software Toolworks in 1993. We all know that Mario was the flag bearer for Nintendo, however, this time it was Luigi’s game because the title showed, Mario was missing. Mario has been taken hostage by the Koopa tribe, but his whereabouts are unknown, and Luigi and Yoshi have come to the rescue. However, not only he was missing, but also Koopa Troopas occupied several famous landmarks and historic sites from around the world. That’s why their mission is to manage, remove and clean up everything like the Roman Coliseum, the Westminster Abbey, the Empire State Building and the Sydney Opera House. To get everything back to its original state, Luigi has to go to 14 cities from around the world, get back the stolen items, learn quizzes and answer questions related to each person. It’s not easy to find out, so you have to talk to the locals and ask them questions. The sound of the game is not much to note here, as well as the character motifs. The background theme is also a retest of the game’s fortress theme and is probably the most recognizable tune you hear in the entire game.

  • Console: SNES
  • Origem: DE,EU,US
  • Editora: The Software Toolworks
  • Lançamento: 1993
  • Tamanho: 903.80KB

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