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Prince Of Persia

Prince of Persia is a fantasy platform game, developed by Jordan Mechner. The game is set in ancient Persia, while the Sultan is fighting in a battle in an unfamiliar land, prime minister Jaffar, a powerful witch wishing to invade the kingdom. But Jaffar’s biggest obstacle was the king’s daughter, so he locked her in a tower, ordered and threatened her, forcing her to become his wife. The protagonist has no name, the one that the princess loves, being thrown into a dungeon in the palace. You have the role of leading the main character out of the main prison, to the palace tower, defeat Jaffar and free the princess within 120 minutes. Not only is it hampered by guards, various traps or dungeons, but also by his doppelganger, an expression created by magic in the character’s body. Besides, there are some spectacular battles in the game; you only fight one enemy at a time, including four main bosses with simple attacks such as swords, gloves, Elika’s magic, and acrobatics, can be strung into many different combos. This difficulty is a plus point to attract gamers of Prince of Persia on this SNES bane.

  • Console: SNES
  • Origem: EU,US
  • Editora: Brøderbund
  • Lançamento: 1992
  • Tamanho: 585.07KB

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