If you have read the StarFox comic book, you will be interested in this digital version of it. With a simple combat system and gameplay, the story is about the hero Fox fox, the only one who can confront Andross to protect the galaxy. In the game, the player controls the Fox character to pass the levels, using simple movements such as diving, dodging, duck, shooting and dropping some bombs, etc. The only goal is shooting giant winged creatures or terrible monsters. Besides, there are several weapons with high attack power such as tanks or HQ flying missiles in the air. The more levels you pass, the higher the score will increase. Use points to exchange for items in the central store or buy more equipment with higher stats. The plus point for STAR FOX is pretty great graphics, colourful and extremely unique; The sound is surprisingly good, the sound of explosions, lasers and burning are all unique and authentic. Although the levels in this version are quite long, the overall game is short, causing the player to feel inadequate and not satisfied enough.

  • Console: SNES
  • Origem: US
  • Editora: Nintendo
  • Lançamento: 1993
  • Tamanho: 605.39KB

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