Baixar Street Fighter Alpha 2 ROM

Street Fighter Alpha 2

Street Fighter Alpha 2 has completely new stages, music, and endings for some characters. It also removed the Combo Chains system to turn into Custom Combos, requiring a part of the Super Combo to be used. Alpha 2 retains all 13 characters from the original and adds five new characters, along with hidden versions of the returning characters. Alpha 2 is followed by a slightly enhanced arcade release called SF Zero 2 Alpha and is released in Japan and Brazil. It was shipped to home game consoles like SF Alpha 2 Gold and Zero 2 Dash in Japan. Street Fighter Alpha 2 not only shows the return of all 13 characters from the first Alpha (this time making Bison, Akuma and Dan play immediately instead of requesting cheat codes), it also brings back Zangief and Dhalsim from Street Fighter 2, and Gen from the original game. Alpha 2 plays similar to its predecessor, the Super Combo bar is now divided into three branches, allowing the customization of combo chains. This is a milestone marking the depth of Street Fighter’s play to a new level. By applying the Super Combo bar to both basic attacks, there are many more combo options for the combo.

  • Console: SNES
  • Origem: EU,US
  • Editora: Capcom
  • Lançamento: 1996
  • Tamanho: 3.49MB

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