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Super Bomberman 2

Superman’s series consistently tops the list of high-traffic video games. That’s because the central mechanism is so simple, everything you need to know can be learned from testing in minutes, and Super Bomberman 2 of this version will not disappoint you. It is a story of people who simply want to kill each other. You will run a Bomberman through rolling mazes, kill alien enemies, and go through hidden doors to advance to another stage. In this sequel, the restrictions at each level have been changed quite a lot. You are still going to destroy the blocks and seek power. But there are additions that, in addition to the larger scroll levels that improve the game for one person, the stages are now placed on different levels, awakened by pipes, magnets, and pits. On the other hand, the difficulty of this version is not notified before each level, and it can suddenly become too easy to challenging. If you carelessly make a mistake, you will lose all your power. The strong appeal is also in-game mode. The single-player mode is divided into five worlds made up of six stages and will have to join one of the five Bomber Dastardly Bombers. Each has a different type of bomb with different effects, but the strategy is often the same. As for the multiplayer mode, two players can face each other in one or 12 arenas designed specifically for this mode. The matches can be customized as royal or guild battles, the most noticeable addition being the gold bomber mode.

  • Console: SNES
  • Origem: EU,JP,US
  • Editora: Hudson Soft
  • Lançamento: 1994
  • Tamanho: 432.75KB

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