“Super Castlevania IV” is a leap forward compared to previous versions because it was released on a more advanced system – SNES. Players can feel the advancement of graphics, sound system, music, or fighting mechanism has become much more flexible. Moreover, the player also has new moves to overcome all kinds of obstacles in front, such as using a hook or leaning away. While SUPER CASTLEVANIA part IV does not have a really interesting storyline, it has generally raised the player’s expectations for later releases. Still, with the old mechanism, players will control Simon through eleven levels. Start with 5 lives (each accident will lose one) and end when you lose everything. In addition to falling into traps, being entangled with obstacles, … you also lose your life because Simon’s health is exhausted or does not finish the game within the allotted time. You will still use the whip but have now been upgraded to be more useful in many cases. In addition, the game also added items “Sao Mai” to help double the length and power of the whip.

  • Console: SNES
  • Origem: EU,US
  • Editora: Konami
  • Lançamento: 1991
  • Tamanho: 825.44KB

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